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Monday, 13 July 2009

11 tips to avoid common issues when building eCATT test cases

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Featured this month:

Get Your eCATT Test Case Right the First Time

The extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT) is an effective tool for automating testing of SAPGUI-based transactions. However, testing can fail even if the data in your system is correct, causing you to duplicate your efforts in some areas.

In this month's featured update to the SAP Professional Journal knowledgebase, Sapna Modi presents 11 tips for ensuring that you avoid many common issues when building eCATT test cases. Learn how to sidestep several eCATT pitfalls, including test script recording errors, invalid test data, changes in configuration, and master data errors.

To get access to this article, plus hundreds more at the SAP Professional Journal knowledgebase where new articles are published every week, choose the cost-effective license plan that's right for you and your team. Starting today, you'll save hours of time, avoid costly trial-and-error, and get more out of your SAP technology than you thought possible.

Top 5 ways to put SAP Professional Journal to work for you

1. As a 24/7 On-Board Consultant: It's like having dozens of SAP experts and consultants by your side all year long who have answers to your questions and challenges about upgrades, implementations, and more.

2. As a Staff Training Tool: Broaden and enhance the skill sets of your development team with innovative, yet proven alternatives to doing business as usual. Also keep them up-to-date on the latest technologies, and arm them with the knowledge to be more effective and productive with day-to-day tasks.

3. As a Quick-Answer Resource: Stop wasting hours searching the Internet for unverified information on blogs and forums. Complete, comprehensive, and tested solutions from the brightest SAP minds are just a couple of clicks away.

4. As a Means to Confirm the Validity of Strategies and Procedures Currently in Place: Learn from other organizations' implementation and upgrade experiences to validate your own strategies. Also use SAP Professional Journal to make certain your current processes make sense for your company.


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5. As an Aid to Communicating with Other SAP Departments:
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We look forward to providing you with invaluable content in the year ahead.

Michael Nadeau
SAP Professional Journal



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